Home Insulation 101

Where is home energy lost?

Air infiltrates into and out of your home through every hole and crack.  The combination of insulation and correctly installed ventilation helps to maintain proper temperatures in your home and keep excessive household moisture out throughout the year.  Other unwanted air movement can affect the comfort level of your home and lead to higher energy bills, and trapped heat and moisture in the attic can severely jeopardize the performance of a roof.  Here is a breakdown of the 3 most common areas where home energy is lost (and what percent of your total energy loss they represent):


The Attic


Walls & Windows


Fireplace & Other Drafts

Did you know that only 20% of homes built before 1980 are well insulated?

Here are the most common homeowner complaints that ASI can address:

  • My 2nd floor is too hot in the summer
  • My home temperatures vary widely from room to room
  • The end rooms of my ranch are much hotter/cooler than the rest of the home
  • I have noticed condensation on certain walls
  • I’m paying more for my energy bills then I should be

How much insulation do you need?

attic_insulation_mapThe U.S. Department of Energy recommends that homes in the Greater Cincinnati, Northern Kentucky and Dayton areas need attic insulation rated R38-R60.  For blown-in insulation this translates to at least 17″ of insulation in your attic areas.

As part of our free estimate, we will measure your current level of insulation or you can use a yard stick to do this on your own.  Anything less than 17″ translates to a lower than recommended R-value of your attic insulation.  This means your attic insulation is not rated to a level that will protect your home against seasonal temperature changes in our area.  Be careful not to tread down your existing insulation if you measure this on your own, as this lowers the existing protection as well.

Has your existing home insulation been compromised?

Attic Storage

attic_storageIf you are using your attic for storage you may have inadvertently altered the R-value of your attic insulation.  If not remedied, this will be a leading cause of energy loss.

Service & Repair

attic_serviceIf you have had service or repair personnel who have accessed your attic, they may have tread down your existing insulation or not properly replaced it after completing their work.


attic_mouseAnimals are unwelcome visitors for more than one reason.  They can move/destroy insulation and lower your home’s energy efficiency in the process!