Brian H.- Cincinnati, OH

Very professional and helpful. Steve came to our home, and did a very thorough job of making recommendations and explaining the process. What I appreciate is that he did not push for the most expensive solution to our problems, but rather recommended a step-wise approach that will allow us to see the effects of insulating our attic, basement leaks, and easily accessible walls before drilling holes in all of our other walls to insulate the WHOLE house (i.e. would have been thousands of dollars more). Also did a very thorough job of inspecting other areas of heat loss (i.e. our old furnace) and made other small fixes to those issues. Was very flexible with the date as well…I had an unexpected issue at work the morning that they were supposed to come, and it was absolutely no issue to reschedule. The day itself was smooth. They did a great job of protecting our home from dirt and snow. Did a great job of cleaning up after they were done. Were very efficient in the process. Highly recommended!